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Here at Carter Lane Coffee House, we use The Baron Espresso from Climpson & Sons as our main house option, and their Colombian Decaf.


The Baron is a single origin Brazil from the Daterra Estate. We think it's well balanced, with a toffee sweetness and full-bodied mouthfeel - delicious!  As an espresso it has a rich body and notes of baker's chocolate, orange and marzipan.  With milk you get added hints of caramel and dried fruits. 


Variety is the spice of life, as they say.  If you fancy something a little different why not try our seasonal guest espresso or maybe a filter coffee? 


We are super excited to introduce our new cold brew coffee, made in house using The Fields from Climpson and Sons.  The Fields is a single origin Ethiopian bean with notes of apricot, honey and chamomile.  Simply delicious and refreshing.  


We have a theory that our decaf drinkers are actually more discrening than regular coffee drinkers. Why? Well, if you drink our decaf, it's not for the caffeine kick - it's solely for the flavour. Our decaf espresso from Colombia hits you with notes of dark chocolate, caramel and baked apple.  


For the home brewing enthusiasts among you, we also sell small bags of Climpsons beans.


Chocolate lovers will enjoy our deliciously rich hot chocolate, each cup made with a generous scoopful of single origin chocolate flakes from Marimba.   Dark or milk chocolate?  You choose.


We serve dairy free milk alternatives such as Bonsoy and Oatly. 


The Food 

Come and partake of our excellent food.  Each morning we offer a range of delicious pastries.  If something savoury hits the spot, we also offer toasted sandwiches freshly prepared in our own kitchen.   


After lunch, why not try our bite-sized cakes and cookies?  We have a variety of special treats that have been specially selected to perfectly complement our coffee.

We also serve a selection of delicious and nutritious gluten/dairy free bites.   Just ask our baristas. 

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